Karen Kipp, Wellness Coach

Karen Kipp, Wellness Coach / The Juice Goddess

kk-new-coverKaren’s mission is to empower others to live fuller lives via whole food, plant­based nutrition, juicing, and cleansing. As a Certified Holistic Health Coach (HHC), she is committed to helping clients overcome barriers that keep them from achieving their goals. She embraces practical techniques and tools that people can incorporate into busy lives to achieve balance and wellness. For more than 20 years, Karen has been coaching of individuals just like you. She maintained her personal quest for wellness while running two holistic health companies and being a single mom for 18 years (plus Girl Scout leader, soccer coach, and Spanish teacher). She understands the real­life schedule demands many face. In that spirit, she strives to make optimal wellness attainable and accessible for everyone. She uses holistic practices and nutrition as a tool to help people truly connect with their body, mind, and spirit.

Her work started with a very personal imperative to find a balance and well­being at a very young age. Karen’s mother died at 49 from breast cancer. Karen was only 17. She intuitively knew there had to be a different model for living that involved natural living and holistic health and nutrition. Not just for herself, but for her daughter, and other women, and everyone. After 30+ years of personal work on this mission, she is committed to sharing her knowledge and experience with others to help them on the same journey, particularly women who are facing tremendous challenges in trying to be the “24-hour woman” in today’s world. Through this work, Karen wants women to recognize their worth, own their power, make it a priority to practice self­-nurturing, and cultivate their own wellness from a solid foundation. Her work certainly doesn’t exclude men, of course, but women have become the main focus for her work because it is such as personal experience and she can relate to their unique challenges.

What she discovered on her own journey was that a regular practice of cleansing was critical in today’s world for hitting the reset button on our busy lives, taking the time to reconnect and return to clean living continuously. Undoubtedly, we have all tried to be healthy, found some tools that worked, but fell off the wagon on vacation, while being stressed, or just because of life. Her practice that she has shared with thousands for regular cleansing, clean eating, and various lifestyle practices really works to help people transform their lives, but most importantly, stay on track.  Even when life gets in the way.

She has co­authored The Detox Dynamo Cleanse, a 7­ Day Cleanse for DailyOm’s online courses, and guided cleanses  throughout the world for thousands of participants every year.

Away from the juicer and her coaching practice, Karen loves her work as volunteer and board member several nonprofits, as well as cooking (and eating!), experimenting in the kitchen, gardening, loving on her huge extended family, and adventure travel.

She and her partner, Robert Herman, live in Kansas City with their beloved Golden Doodle, Kaya. She adores her grown daughter, Talia, who lives in her same lake community. She is dedicated to her family, friends and community and regularly hosts meals and gatherings at her home.

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