Why Cleanse?
Our bodies have built-in cleansing mechanisms, but the barrage of toxins coming at us from environmental pollutants, processed foods, drugs, stress, sedentary living, and illness easily overwhelm them. To achieve optimal wellness and keep the liver, skin, intestines, kidneys, lymphatic system, and blood working efficiently to eliminate foreign threats to health we need to cleanse our bodies actively by eating a diet high in vegetables, and exercising.
Clean Eating & Juice Fasting

In addition to clearing toxicity, the body needs a rest from digestion. On average, the human body expends 50-70% of its daily energy ration on digesting food. With clean eating and juice fasting, we give our bodies a brief rest from this non-stop labor, and our systems can devote a greater share of energy to detoxification, healing, and repair.

Juice fasting and clean eating can repair and renew the body in a short timeframe.

However, a successful and responsible fast calls for adequate transitions, both going in and coming out. The foods you eat directly before and after a juice fast are especially important.

Cleansing can be easy, gentle, delicious, & fun.
Cleansing Options
We offer you many options for cleanses to choose from depending on your level of experience, your toxicity, and how deeply you are ready to cleanse. You can begin with a 3-day cleanse, a group retreat for more guidance, or jump right into a 14-day cleanse! Here are your options:

DIY 3-day Juice Fast

This cleanse is for beginners or anyone looking to do a basic cleanse. Tess Masters, The Blender Girl and I team up to provide you with all of the guidance and recipes so that you can make the magic happen! Start anytime you are ready and join our global community of thousands who have gone before you in discovering the power and ease of juice fasting responsibly and healthfully.

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Fully Facilitated Fasting and Wellness Retreats

Want some personal support and guidance for your cleanse? Join us for one of our group retreats over a weekend, including yoga, meditation, and everything you need to restore yourself deeply. These retreats are held in various locations worldwide.

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7-Day Raw Food Cleanse with Optional 3-Day Juice Fast

Great for beginners or for a deeper cleanse, Tess Masters, The Blender Girl and I team up again to provide you with all of the guidance and recipes so that you can rock this cleanse! You can choose one of two tracks: a 7-day raw food cleanse OR 4 days of cleansing foods with a 3-day juice fast in the middle. Either way, you are bound to feel ahhhh-mazing!!! Join  our global community of over 20,000 participants who have cleansed with us. All of the recipes are recipes that are vegan, paleo-friendly, dairy-free, soy-free, nightshade-free, low in natural sugars, and delicious!  Designed by us, sponsored by DailyOm, you can start your DIY cleanse anytime!

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14-Day Cleanse - The Decadent Detox

Ready to dive in deep for the maximum cleanse?  Here is your chance. Tess Masters, The Blender Girl and I team up again to offer you a complete guide with recipes that align with each season for the maximum cleanse with the freshest, most abundant, and affordable produce available. As always, our cleanses are vegan, paleo-friendly, grain-free, soy-free, and low in even natural sugars. Each of the season’s 14-day cleanses offers a 3-day juice fast in the middle. You can choose to extend the juice fast if you want. Delicious, decadent cleanse recipes to prove to you that cleansing can be easy, delicious and fun!

The Decadent Detox

14-Day Guided Cleanse Experience

Would you like a more personalized experience with personal guidance to support you every step of your 14-day cleanses? Well, we are here for you to share in the amazing experience and be there for you every day!  We will offer you insider tips to enhance the experience and share the group experience to learn and share with each other. It will include video meetings, daily support, and videos. A private online format for sharing resources, experiences, and support in a group. Join us to cleanse with friends!

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7-day Adventure Travel Cleanse Retreats

Ready for an exciting new way to travel? Combine adventure travel with a delicious cleanse in beautiful, exotic locations. Come hang out with Tess and me for several days in the best locations in the world such as the Greek Isles, Australia, Fiji, the Caribbean, and more! Everything is taken care of for you, just show up!  Beginning 2019. Sign up here to let us know you are interested in joining us, and we will send you more information as it becomes available.